Jun 25, 2016 10 00 AM HKT
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Brandon Li Filmmaking Class Livestream

Learn via Livestream from travel filmmaker Brandon Li (Vimeo Staff Picks, NatGeo, BMW, Nike, Etihad Airways). One-day intensive workshop.

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Brandon Li Filmmaking Class Livestream

Learn filmmaking from Brandon Li!  This will be a livestream of his class in Hong Kong.

  • Commentary on Brandon's films such as "Hong Kong Strong", "Nomads of Mongolia", and "Tokyo Roar" with behind-the-scenes notes and anecdotes

  • The Art of Anticipation: techniques for shooting spontaneously in the field, anticipating the shots you want and being ready when the decisive moment happens.

  • The Moving Camera: how to get smooth movements without complex gear. How to choose the "right" movement for your shot.

  • The Art of Lenses: How different focal lengths affect the emotional impact of your shots.
  • Visualize the Edit: how to visualize your edited film while you're shooting, without a script or storyboards.  Whether you're shooting a narrative film, a travelogue montage, or anything else.

  • How to Film Strangers: techniques Brandon uses to capture honest and genuine moments from strangers (and make friends, too!)
  • Planning Your Location Shoot: How to effectively plan before you travel and ensure that you have the resources you need
  • Editing: Creating a scene vs editing a montage: two powerful techniques for storytelling.  
  • Editing: Modern styles and techniques.  Knowing when to use them and how to avoid cliches.
  • Staying Inspired: Ways to kickstart your creativity when you're feeling stuck.
  • Reviewing Your Work: If you have videos that are finished, or works-in-progress, bring a copy of your video and we will review a few minutes of it.  Brandon and the class will provide feedback and commentary.
Are you in Hong Kong? Come to the live training!
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